5 Alternative Uses for Mouthwash


Uses for Mouthwash

A lot of times with couponing you can score a lot of free or amazing deals on mouthwash. You may find yourself asking what can I do with all this mouthwash?

If  you have any alcohol based, sugar free mouthwash laying around … you can use if for more than just rinsing your mouth.

Check out theses alternative uses for mouthwash!

Here are 5 creative ways to re-purpose mouthwash

♦ To Wash your hands

Don’t you just hate it when you peel or cut onions or garlic and you wash your hands but can’t get the smell to go away? Use some mouthwash to clean your hands by using a cotton ball to wipe them down.

♦ Floor Cleaner

You can mop your floors by adding some to your water works just like any other floor cleaner.

♦ Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Just pour a cup into your toilet and let it sit for a half hour. Use a toilet brush to swish around, then flush and your good to go!

♦ Glass Cleaner

Out of Windex? No problem apply some mouthwash to a damp cloth and dry with a cotton cloth

♦ Laundry Sanitizer

Why not remove germs from your clothes too! Throw in 1 cup with your regular load and kill the bacteria that regular soap just wont do the trick. Like those dirty gym socks or soiled clothes from your child after having an accident.